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16 April 2008 @ 10:15 am

This talented songstress is realizing her new album this week called Stronger,check it out peeps.Sanna not only has one of the best voices but she seem so darn nice,as well :) And she dresses sharp,what not to love? Her new single "Empty Room",shpuld be the one going to Eurovision this year.If they were looking for talent like Sanna over here,the competition might not be so tacky and cheesy.And that is not only MY opinion ;)

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10 March 2008 @ 09:04 am
The Diva fell,self-proclaimed "winner" Carola Häggkvist and her partner in crime,Andreas Johnson of Glorious fame,fell and fell hard:

"– Jag grät bakom scenen, för det är en sådan känsla ”One love” har. Men det är klart man undrar vad som hände.

– Det är som om att jag bränts på bål.

En förklaring tror hon är att svenska folket är trötta på schlagerdrottningen och ville rösta bort duon.

– Det kanske finns de som röstat och tänkt att det här inte ska gå så lätt. Men det har vi aldrig, aldrig trott."

the diva told Aftonbladet late Saturday night.

Well if you stopped throwing plants around,condeming others,smile that fake smile and stoped YELLING WHEN SINGING!!!! things would turn out differently,I promise!

Now Melodie Grand Prix can go back to being about great voices and great songs.My bet is either Charlotte Perrelli or Sanna Nielsen,two of the best voices in Sweden. BWO will put up a fight I promise,but will they win?My bet is they take home the gold.Martins eyes alone will burn up the screen,I promise! He´ll be my "Heroe" for sure if he "Lay his (your) love on me come Saturday ;)

Andreas Johnson

Carola "Diva Extrordinar" Häggkvist

Happy Hour,Andreas celebrate with a rea singer,Sarah Dawn Finer.

Andreas again,wishing he´d hired Sarajh instead of The Diva herself.


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The Final Countdown,the Fat Lady did finally sing (in mor ways than one).

The SUper diva,Carola Häggkvist is ovaaaaa :) And I for one could´t be happier.Her fake smile,her fake boobs and her fake hair is no longer wanted.Sweden has spoken.And she pulled Andreas with her from her,very high,fall.

"Kanske det är så att publiken tröttnat på mig",Carola said to Expressen last night. You got that right,loser!

The Diva is not as big as she thought she was,no matter how much huff´n and puff´n she does she will never be Sanna Nielsen,never!

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29 January 2008 @ 03:22 pm

So Heath Ledger committed suicide/drug overdose.Big ff´n deal! Any hobo/hooker die of a drug overdose!No one cares but when a Hollywood persona dies,everyone ge´s uip in arms.He was young,yes,but I am not going to feel sorry for some dude who chose to put drugs in his system.He knew you could die from it so excuse me if I´m not that impressed,Another junkie down for the count.I feel bad for his kid though.The bloked resume can be find below.

  1. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) (in production)
  2. The Dark Knight (2008) (post-production) .... The Joker

  3. I'm Not There. (2007) .... Robbie Clark
    ... aka I'm Not There (USA: poster title)
  4. Candy (2006) .... Dan
  5. Casanova (2005) .... Casanova
    ... aka Femur (Philippines: English title)
  6. Brokeback Mountain (2005) .... Ennis Del Mar
  7. The Brothers Grimm (2005) .... Jacob Grimm
  8. Lords of Dogtown (2005) .... Skip
    ... aka American Knights (Philippines: English title)
    ... aka Dogtown Boys (Germany)
  9. The Order (2003) .... Alex Bernier
    ... aka The Sin Eater (Australia) (Singapore: English title) (UK) (USA: working title)
    ... aka Sin Eater - Die Seele des Bösen (Germany)
  10. Ned Kelly (2003) .... Ned Kelly
    ... aka Ned Kelly: Public Enemy No. 1 (Philippines: English title: poster title)
  11. The Four Feathers (2002) .... Harry Faversham
  12. Monster's Ball (2001) .... Sonny Grotowski
    ... aka Bal du monstre, Le (Canada: French title)
  13. A Knight's Tale (2001) .... Sir William Thatcher / Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland
  14. The Patriot (2000) .... Gabriel Martin
    ... aka Patriot, Der (Germany)
  15. "Roar" .... Conor (13 episodes, 1997-2000)
        - Sweet Bridget (2000) TV episode .... Conor
        - The Cage (2000) TV episode .... Conor
        - Daybreak (2000) TV episode .... Conor
        - Traps (2000) TV episode .... Conor
        - Tash (2000) TV episode .... Conor
          (8 more)

  16. Two Hands (1999) .... Jimmy
  17. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) .... Patrick Verona
  18. "Home and Away" (1988) TV series .... Scott Irwin (unknown episodes, 1997)
  19. Paws (1997) .... Oberon
  20. Blackrock (1997) .... Toby Ackland
  21. "Sweat" .... Snowy Bowles (1 episode, 1996)
        - Just Good Friends (1996) TV episode .... Snowy Bowles
  22. "Ship to Shore" (1993) TV series .... Cyclist (unknown episodes)
  23. Clowning Around (1992)
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19 December 2007 @ 08:01 am
 And the Winner is...Marie Picasso!

She won the sweidsh versions of American Idol."Idol" as i´s called in Sweden.I am not going to rag on Marie,there are worse singers/celebrities in Sweden.So ByHeartsOnly comments on Marie with the following words:You go girl!

This is what she told swedish tabloid Aftonbladet during a chat about her victory:
[Quote]Aldrig faktiskt..det var därför det blev en sån chock att få komma till globven :9 trodfe att Daniel och Amanda skulle göra upp i globen :) Men jag är så lycklig och tacksam att jag får börja min resa mes musiken nu . TACK !! / [end of quote]

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20 November 2007 @ 04:31 pm
The ultimate Celebrity wishlist for Christmas:

10. (I´m doing it the Dave Letterman style :) Lill-Babs swears off being in the public eye,forever.Should´t be hard since she´s practically dead.
9.Pernilla Wahlgren swears off publicity for say..FOREVER!!!!!
8.Tom Hanks makes a promise to never shoot a movie agaian,ever!
7.Quetsala Blanco quits her "colum" to sit around listening to Kristian Luuk read from her extremely boring(and sucky) colums,now published by Piratförlaget,run by another useless piece of "writer" Lisa Marklund.
6.106.7 "Rock klassiker" will acctually start playing rock n roll!
5.The Olsen twins: a) Starts eating,b) try to get another "career" besides looking like bums and c) opens up about what reallly went on at "Full House"/the show where three men lived with a bunch of little girls.Yucks! John Stamos confesses to "weird" things happening on-set.
4.The Swedish Royal family will act as stand-ins on the ultimate,last episode of HeyBaberiba,and no one will notice the difference!
3.Kikki Danielson swear off alcohol-AGAIN!
2.Linda Rosing and Fadde acctually get´s married,three days later she elope with her lover,Berth Milton
1.And now..The moment we all been waiting for(drum roll...) Her Royal Highness Victoria Bernadotte ge´s married and on AIR in Hey Baberiba last episode of all time.

So there you have it,hiss or diss,´m always speaking from the heart.

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13 November 2007 @ 03:45 pm
Listen to the sound of that name:Ooolllaa Salooo;Ola Salo.

According to Anders Nunstedt,the worse entertainment "journalist" next to Jan Olov Anderson,he is "a rockstar",that´s a direct quote by Mr.Nunstedt.

Ola and his moves makes me wanna throw up.He makes me physically ill with his Bowie/Transgender impersonations.Rock n Roll?I don´t think so.To me Rock n Roll is Keith Richards and this dude can´t even spell Keith Richards.*Vomit*


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29 October 2007 @ 01:18 pm
Appearently,"singer"/"model" Victoria Beckham,the most famous and useless Fottballers Wife in the world,have been voted:"Ugliest boops" by plastic surgeon Dr.Salzhauer.He speaks out in In Touch magazine,going on record stating:"It looks like her breasts starts at her chest,giving them a fake look".He goes on calling the "ugly".

Judge for yourself about Victorias nuggers.

Fake,or not?
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21 October 2007 @ 04:47 pm

According to TMZ actress Deborah "Hunter" Tylo´s son Michael Tylo jr,who sufferes from seizure disorder, had an attck and fell into the family´s pool and drowned. 

The site TMZ.com/ has confiremed that Michael Tylor jr has died. A "Bold and Beautiful" representation would not confirm on this tragic event.Ms.Tylo has been with the show on and off for 16! years."The Bold and the Beautiful" is the world most-watched soap opera.

ByHeartsOnly feel for Ms.Tylo.She is a good-hearthed person that didn´t deserve this.We send artficuall roses to the Tylos.

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 Paris Hilton reportedly dumped "the model" for Kid Rock! They were spotted at a Tornonto nightclub,kissing,holding hands(and probably fondle knowing the Queen of trashs track record),all according to "the witness".The model was to shy for Paris apperently,reported a friend of Parisv "manuer" HiltonDon´t feel bad model,you got off the hook,you should be celebrating.I on the other hand is not,not even two days withouth the "heiress".
Oh bummer.

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